Ria Loader novels

ChildOfTimeGreen300x400Child of Time – A word for magic is library: urban fantasy storybook (NOVELLA)

What happens to 5 year old Mira when she pushes back at her fourteen year old brother and he falls off a cliff?

“He said he could fly,” she said indignantly.

And why would she think otherwise in such a magical and otherworldly family. She was in such trouble…

(the novella follows Mira’s stories at 5, 9 and 13. There is a sneak peek of the next novella ‘Mage Apprentice’)

Library of Time – A magical seer and librarian claims a mysterious legacy (330 page novel)

Having agreed to look after a piece of her Gran’s magical library, Mira approaches her Saturn return and a change in her magical abilities. Her magical teacher has gone missing under strange circumstances – and everyone is after a mysterious book they believe Mira has in her possession. She trusted her Gran – she should have known better.

(Mira is 27 – about to have her 28th birthday – when a shape-shifted dragon arrives on her doorstep with a message)

The main character is not broken; this is not a romance. It is a fantasy about magic, power, knowledge, and the mystery of  a living library.

A seer and magician in peril with a magical library

A seer and magician in peril with a magical library

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