Zip it for kindle upload

I can’t believe it took me so long to grasp the simple zip-folder necessity for kindle formatting. I kept getting those nasty ‘picture of an old-fashioned camera’ icons instead of my lovely images in the final version I downloaded or previewed. I ended up writing myself a reminder on a post-it note “zip it or … Continue reading

Fevered days

Last couple of days have been a blur. It started with my trip to the dentist and ended up with a couple of days of fever and flu. It has felt like sleeping and waking at one and the same time. coiled in the serpent dreaming red dreams of ochre rich with minerals deep pockets … Continue reading

6 books published in a year: now we are six!

It’s a little crazy, right? Our tiny publishing company, Impish Press, has launched six new books in the past year. After the writing, that includes all the traditional and hybrid indie tasks of Line editing Proof reading Continuity Book design Conversion to kindle Design for print Cover design Back cover / description writing Web site … Continue reading

10 Things I’ve learned about writing and publishing

Some of the most important things I’ve learned over the past year of writing and publishing are The first (or fifteenth) draft is not ready. It needs an editor. There are many editorial passes (characters, plot, sensory, place, continuity, tone, tightening up, grammar, spelling, formatting, design) A beta reader is worth their weight in gold. … Continue reading