Zip it for kindle upload

I can’t believe it took me so long to grasp the simple zip-folder necessity for kindle formatting. I kept getting those nasty ‘picture of an old-fashioned camera’ icons instead of my lovely images in the final version I downloaded or previewed. I ended up writing myself a reminder on a post-it note “zip it or lose it!” Takes a few repeats, even if those are a couple months apart, before the process sinks in.

So, for those who haven’t created their first kindle book yet, when you get there, here are the reminder steps in converting from word.

  • Save the file as web-filtered
  • Make sure the resulting file + the images are in the same folder
  • Zip the folder with the images + the web-filtered file inside
  • Make any necessary corrections to the HTML file
  • When uploading to the dashboard at KDP, choose the zip file to upload

Hopefully, next time I’ll remember. If not, there’s that handy post-it note and this reminder on my blog. Am gathering together all the cheat-sheet notes and memory tricks into a short guide to share at some point.

Bye for now – I’m headed off to work on a short story about a web designer who discovers how to add magic to her designs and code.

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